Rhys Gardiner

A Friend, Computer Scientist, Student Ambassador and Tech Lover!

I'm a Programmer/Hacker/Geek

  • Name: Rhys Gardiner
  • Job: Computer Science Student
  • Age: 20 Years Old
  • Residence: Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Hometown: Aberdeen

I'm a Third Year BSc (Hons) Computer Science student with relevant experience in software development using languages such as Java and Python, web development and MySQL database management. I would consider myself a very enthusiastic individual whereby anything I partake in I will always give 100% to. Anything technology interests me from new circuit boards to new gaming hardware releases (I'm a HUGE gamer!).

Currently looking for a 1 year placement mainly around the Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire area, however, I'm willing to travel. I'm looking for a placement in any of the following sectors; Cyber Security, Web Development, IT Support or Software Engineering. Use the contact form if you'd be interested in having me join your company for a year (I'll bring cakes, jokes and myself).

My Interests

Cyber Security

Cyber Security has always been a passion of mine ever since high school. I love looking into how different attacks and malware work in different ways, how companies defend against such attacks and what the latest malware and attacks are. When it comes to Cyber Security I'm always interested.


Photography is something I enjoy doing in my spare time. I've not been doing it for long but after finally buying a DSLR, which I've been meaning to do for years, I'm getting into the swing of things. Currently I'm using a Canon 750D for my photography.


Where do I start with gaming? I've been gaming ever since I remember. My first ever use of a console was a SEGA Megadrive, however, I don't remember much of that. My first actual memory of gaming is the Super Nintendo playing Super Mario Bros. I was pretty good at hitting the star at the end of every level. Through the years I've owned every console there has been released. The brand I stuck to as a teenager tho was Xbox. I had and still currently have the Xbox Original, 360 and One. After all this console talk tho you'll be happy to know I'm now a PC Gamer after building my Gaming Rig in September 2015. I could write a novel about this but I'll stop here. If you want to know more or game with me then add me on Steam ('irTechno' is my username, my profile URL is /ImRhys).

My Skills


Server Management

Video Editing

Microsoft Technologies


Team Management

My Education

  • Robert Gordon University

    Honours Degree 2014 - 2019

    Studying Computer Science BSc (Hons) which is a 4 year course + 1 year placement.

  • Cyber Security Challenge UK

    Certificate 2016

    Attended a Cyber Camp about Cyber Security hosted by Cyber Security Challenge UK. Attending this event allows me to gain an IISP Certificate which I'm aiming to achieve in the coming 3 months.

My Experience

  • Web Developer & Webmaster

    AffordableBritishArt.co.uk, AMFC.org.uk and IainBell-DrivingSchool.co.uk 2013-Present

    Worked on new website layouts for these sites using bootstrap framework. Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the listed sites.

  • RGU Hackathon

    Knob-it.co.uk 2015

    Took part in RGU Hackathon 2015, as part of a team of 3 we made an Arduino version of the reaction game 'Bop-It' called 'Knob-It'. This name was taken from the potentiometer which has a knob coming out the side to turn. Our recreation made it into the newspaper when the article of the Hackathon was published. Our creation can be seen held by the organisers of the event in the article (Press and Journal Article). We made a mock-up, fun site for the project which is located at www.knob-it.co.uk

My Projects

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Contact Me

Twitter - @Blankeh
Facebook - /irTrollin